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5 Signs Davidson Is Getting to You

The end of first semester is fast approaching. Commons food is seeming less and less appealing. Your professors have managed to dump you...

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An Open Letter to Davidson College:

An Open Letter to Davidson College: Last week the biggest news at Davidson was a $100 bill pinned up in the Union. Apparently some guy...

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Charlye Barfield- Honor Board Chair

Name: Charlye Barfield Year: 2015 House: Friedman D4 Major: Economics Hometown: Conroe, TX Extracurricular activities: Smith Fund Intern,...

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Lending a Helping Hand

Here at UVA, we pride ourselves on living under the honor code to which students keep each other accountable. We pledge not to give or...

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Fall Plenary Review

Were you unable to make it to Plenary this past Sunday? Don’t worry! Her Campus Haverford has your back with a quick recap of what went...