10 Reasons Why I Can't Leave Davidson

I am not ready. Not mentally, not physically and certainly not emotionally. Leaving campus for me always sucks and is the ultimate collision between melancholy, stress and anxiety. I love Davidson and love being at school but every time this part of the year rolls around, despite the epic strain I am under from finals season I just do not want to leave. Sure, I will be back in short three months but that is three months too long without being in my favorite place with my favorite people.

So here is a list of reasons, dare I say a countdown, of reasons why leaving Davidson for summer break is so hard every time.

10. Nummit

You are the reason why I am broke, but damn that avocado toast gets me weak in the knees every. Single. Time. Idk why it’s so good at Nummit, it just is.

9. Chambers

She stands so mighty and proud. So majestic. If you have not stopped to take a snap chat of her you are a cyborg.

8. The lady who cleans my hall.

You are the sweetest women ever. I hate the morning and tumble out of room for class and you always give the brightest hello. Thanks so much for that.

7. My BFF’s

You might wonder why they are so low on the list…. it is only because we stay in communication via group chat, snapchat, Instagram memes 24/7. Besides, they know I am going to travel whatever distance needed to see their faces at some point this summer.

6.  Walking 100 yards and saying hi to 10+ different people

Knowing so many people and those flickering greetings while walking anywhere on this minute campus makes me happy, makes me feel, even for a fleeting moment, that I am ~important~.

5. Being in a space where eating any sort of food at an ungodly hour is completely fine

The fact that no one questions me when I am diving into a take-out container of lo mien at two in the morning is a beautiful thing.

4. Armfield

This beautiful kingdom that we deem as “F” is my sanctuary within a sanctuary. I am sorry but something about the smell of beer and the sound of mainstream bangers makes me happy. What can I say? I am your stereotypical, twenty-year-old college chick.

3. My roommate

You know all too well how to deal with my tantrums… how do you expect me to get through them alone? Plus, the sound of your snoring has become incredibly comforting to me.

2. The professors

They are not on this list because I enjoy doing boat loads of school work. Nope, they are on this list because they believe in me and occasionally toss me a compliment that brings my dwindling self-esteem up just that perfect amount (you know the amount where you can get by… like barely get by). I like that, I need that. The nerd in me loves the stimulating conversations I have with them in office hours and I like to think surrounding myself with such brilliant scholars might be rubbing off on me (lol).

1. Class of 2017

This lands at number one on the list because these people - my classmates, my friends, my role models, unlike everything else, will not be here when I return to campus in the fall. To the Class of 2017, you are amazing and even though I cannot wait to see what you all do in the real world I really do wish you could stay just a little longer.

So, there it is. Until next time Davidson, thanks for breaking my heart yet again. 

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