Why I Take Pictures of My Food

Yes, okay, I’m one of those people. As soon as the plate is set in front of me, I take a picture before I eat it.

            You want to know why? Really? 

            Guess what?

            There’s no logical reason except it makes me happy.

            Sometimes, we find happiness in the silly things. Maybe we’re having a really good day and want to remember the delicious food, great friends, and fun times we had.

            Maybe we find this food so fancy we feel a little bad just eating it and wrecking the image. Like seeing a Picasso, then drawing over it. (Okay, that’s an overstatement. But some chefs take hoursto make the delicate flowers on a cake. Maybe I just want to appreciate the work.)

            Maybe I’m super hungry, and this food looks like the best food to be eaten. So I eat it. And I enjoy it. And I look back fondly at the pictures when I’m 85 and in a rocking chair. (Ah yes, that rainbow ice cream. What beauty. What charm!)

            And maybe, just maybe…

            It’s none of your business to judge what makes me happy.

            But you’re welcome to try some food if you’d like. Let me just snap a picture…