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It’s no secret that social media has society in a chokehold. TikTok in particular has become a staple in some people’s daily lives. Who isn’t guilty of losing track of time scrolling through their ‘For You’ page? With such a wide variety of content, there are endless things to consume. 

Here are six TikTok influencers making a positive impact that you should consider following.

Anna Sitar

TikTok: @annaxsitar 

If you are looking for bright and cheery vibes, Anna Sitar is the influencer for you. Her entire presence radiates happiness and promotes the importance of self-care and self-love. With a degree in mechanical engineering, Sitar proves to her followers that pursuing any passion you have is possible. She is even completing a master’s in film and television production. Quite the Starbucks enthusiast, she often takes her followers along for taste tests! 

Alicia McCarvell

TikTok: @aliciamccarvell 

Alicia McCarvell is absolutely hilarious. She is authentic and true to herself – and does not apologize for it. On her page, McCarvell advocates against body-shaming and helps people understand that there is so much to love about yourself, no matter what you look like. Fun fact: you may notice some familiar locations in her videos since she lives in the Spryfield neighbourhood of Halifax! 

Amelie Zilber


Amelie Zilber is the perfect example of someone using their platform as a means to educate and inform the younger generation. Zilber is very passionate about politics and current affairs. She feels that a lot of young people want to be informed and want to help with the issues in the world. Yet often, they don’t always know where to start. That’s why she started a newsletter called TwoMinuteTimes, where she provides a brief breakdown of what is going on in the world. On her TikTok page, you can find many videos where she informs people about the current issues we should be concerned about and how we can make an impact. 

Nabela Noor

TikTok: @nabela 

Nabela Noor is an entrepreneur who strives to encourage body confidence. Noor owns a clothing brand which, instead of the standard sizing system, uses different words of affirmation as the size labels. On her page, she posts beautiful videos of her day that she likes to call “pockets of peace”. It is her way of showing that every day has at least a little bit of magic and that these moments should be enjoyed.

Tia Stokes

TikTok: @thetiabeestokes 

Tia Stokes is a ray of sunshine. On her page, you can always see her with a smile on her face sharing her passion for dancing with the world. Stokes has been documenting her journey with cancer for her followers. She has shown that no matter what you are going through, you can always find positivity and happiness. Those who have been following her journey have seen her dance it out with nurses and doctors, as well as watch her return to her dance studio and role as a teacher. Showing her good days and bad, she’s inspired many. She is now in remission and showing her followers how to live every day with gratitude and positivity. 

Jazz Thornton

TikTok: @jazzthornton_

Jazz Thornton is a mental health activist who is courageously open in sharing her own battles with mental health. The goal of her platform is to let people know that they are not alone no matter what they are going through. The first thing you see when you look at Thornton’s page is her bio which reads, “You’re gonna be okay.” She is not only a great influencer to follow if you’re struggling with mental health but also if you want to better support others through their battles.

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