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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Dalhousie chapter.

If you don’t live under a rock, you know the “Lucky Girl Syndrome” trend has taken everyones For You Pages on TikTok by storm, including mine. When this trend popped up, initially, my realist perspective thought it was silly and ill-advised. However, as I started to think about it, the “everything is working out for me” mindset started to make more sense. 

Think about some of the biggest stressors in your life. Finding housing as a student, not knowing where you will get a summer job, dating. All of these stressors usually work out. Most of the things in our life that give us the most anxiety come and go, especially if you have the urge for them to work out. Now, picture a scenario in which you knew these stressors would resolve themselves, how much negative energy and pessimistic thinking would you save yourself? The answer – probably a lot. 

I am a victim of getting worked up about potential scenarios in my life and letting them take over my day to day moods, when in reality, everything I have ever stressed out about has worked out in some shape or form. 

This article is an attempt to inspire readers to implement more optimism and positive thinking in your lives. The Power of Positive Thinking is actually a novel by Norman Vincent Peale and details the way humans can master everyday problems with more optimism. Novelists like Peale and experts in psychology have found that our thoughts can manifest into our actions, thus, The “Lucky Girl Syndrome” affirmations. By speaking, thinking and living with positivity, you manifest more positive things into your life rather than being plagued by worry and negativity. 

Think about this theory in the dating world. Have you ever been so worried that someone you’re dating won’t like you and you end up self-sabotaging the relationship? Are you someone who gets so worried that you will be alone for extended periods of time but consequently turn down potential love interests? Imagine if you thought more optimistically about your dating life? Speaking positively about upcoming dates, having confidence that your significant other will appreciate you as much as your friends and family do? It is my belief that you end up showing up authentically and confidently as yourself and manifest more positive interactions into your life. 

This example can go the same for school, athletic performances, and interviews. If you inherently believe the best will come of things, you will act as though they are coming to you. 

The power of optimism is strong in all areas of life, whilst it is hard to avoid negativity and reality checks, having a positive mindset can impact the good things that come into your life. Maybe everything is just working out for you.

Katie Wuotila

Dalhousie '24

Katie is a varsity athlete at Dalhousie University studying Finance in the Commerce Co-op program. A lover of self-care, you can find Katie searching for the perfect Americano, reading any Adam Grant book, and attempting to turn her Strava into her only social media.