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You Need To Check These Three Plant-Based Magazines Out!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Mantra Wellness. Origin. Thrive.

All by Miranda Pleasant, these three plant-based magazines are a must-read! Mantra Wellness is all about health and wellness. Origin is all about travel and creativity. Thrive is all about food! Learn to be happy and healthy in every part of life with each edition!

The artistic expression on each page is so funky and cute! You’ll enjoy reading while learning and supporting new small businesses with recipes, wellness tips, interior design, inspirational quotes, fun quizzes and crosswords to play! Also, a plus from these magazines is that I love love love to cut out some of the pages and paste them around my room; perfect for when you’re a college student on a budget!

The first time I saw one of these magazines was a few years ago; I started out with Origin and found that Mantra and Thrive magazines were related and gave them a try. I really fell in love with all the beautiful pages of the magazines. Each inspirational quote or piece of advice helped me to think in a new light! I also get excited when a new edition comes out! I want others to experience that same excitement too; it’s another little treat you can get yourself besides a coffee drink or Squishmallow! 

Each of the magazines also has a website you can check out too! You can also find them on Instagram @mantramagazine, @thrivemags and @originmagazine! 

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Hi I'm Bella! I am a transfer student at CWU and am majoring in the ATM (Apparel, Textiles, & Merchandising) program and minoring in entrepreneurship! I am passionate about flowers, sustainability, hiking, and of course fashion!