The Year of the Woman

Donald Trump may have thought “his party” had the overall victory, but the women were the real winners in the November 6, 2018, midterm elections. Though men still have larger numbers than women do in Congress, it is becomes less and less of a “good ‘ol boys club” every year.

It doesn't matter whether they were Republican, Democrat, or Independent, having an increasing number of women leadership in Congress reflects largely on America. According to CNN, 122 women will be serving in the 2019 Congress. Making it the highest amount of women to ever serve in Congress, over 107 this year.

The past 2016 election was a wake up call for many people, especially millennials. This election was one of the largest talked about elections. As you saw in Erynn’s article from last week, many celebrities were using their platform to encourage people to go out and vote.

According to CBS News there was a record number of 113 million people who voted in this years midterm election. This was the largest amount of people to ever participate in a midterm election in history, that exceeded over 100 million votes, with 49 percent of eligible voters participating in the election.

Here were a few more wins for America:

  • First Native American women, Democrats, Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland, voted into Congress

  • First Muslim women, Democrat, Rashida Tlaib and IIhan Omar, voted into Congress

  • First openly gay man, Congressman and Democrat, Jared Polis’, elected as Colorado’s governor.

  • First female, Republican, Marsha Blackburn, voted as a new senator to represent Tennessee

  • First Hispanic woman, Democrat, Veronica Escobar, voted into Congress

  • First women, Republican, Kristi Noem, elected as South Dakota’s first female governor

Thank you to everyone who voted! Stay alert for the next round of voting, so we can keep creating positive improvements in America.