Why You Should Pick a Random Roommate Freshmen Year of College

So, since we have a new school year ahead, we wanted to talk a little bit about how to choose your living situation your freshmen year of college! Here are some of the top reasons why you should NOT live with your high school friends in the dorms freshmen year.

Open yourself up to a new experience

You did it. Yes, you are finally attending college, a place with new and exciting experiences. Whether you know people from home or you’re throwing yourself into a frenzy of  strangers in the same awkward situation. Having a random roommate is the perfect way to branch out and meet at least one new person on your exciting college journey. Plus, knowing one person in a new place makes you more confident in meeting others. Remember, you have the rest of your life to choose a roommate yourself, college is the perfect time to do something a little risky.

Rooming with a friend can backfire 

Whether you've known each other for a lifetime, or decided to reconnect your first year at college together, rooming with a friend could always have a weird side. While your first year at college is already stressful and confusing, oddly enough, living with someone you know could cause you even more stress. You'll be with each other 24/7, learning every tick that other person has. Remember, this is the first year your mom isn't here to yell at you to keep your room neat and tidy, you could be a little messy while your roommate could be a neat freak. Sometimes friends just can’t live with one another and remember that friendship is always more important than being roommates.

Freshman year is for change 

Living the college dream with your high school BFF could sound like a "no brainer" to most of you, but if you are anything like the rest of us you got the hell out of your hometown for a reason. We are here to grow and expand our horizons and sometimes that high school BFF just isn't ready to grow with you. College is the first time you’ll have complete freedom and a clean slate with no past haunting you. With that freedom you learn a lot about what you actually want to do in YOUR own life. Your parents are no longer around for curfew or to remind you about that upcoming final exam you need to study for. Throughout college you'll discover your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Along the way you will continue to grow into that badass bitch you've always wanted to be. 

So remember wildcats, keep looking forward instead of holding yourself back! Living with a BFF could sound great, and your childhood friends will always be ones to cherish, but it’s time to focus on making new memories