Why You Need a Hanging Basket!

In a time of fear and crisis, many of us have been looking for ways to lift our spirits and take our minds off things. Did you know that flowers have been scientifically proven to increase happiness in your brain? From their bright colors to their beautiful scents, flowers are easy to come by and require minimal maintenance. Now if your someone like me, and you have two cats that love your flowers as much as you do, you probably have experienced continual murder scenes of your flowers. But luckily, there is a way to keep your cats out of your flower power while still getting to enjoy them in the great outdoors. Hanging baskets are a common and great alternative for any person looking for some seasonal flowers. My family has always bought a hanging basket at the start of spring, and they usually last (if you give them love) until the fall, sometimes even winter. This year my family went all out on the hanging baskets and bought four! But many people wonder, well what makes them so special? And I’ll tell you what, there are several reasons I believe every person needs a hanging basket for their home.

pink lilies Anita Jankovic

Little Maintenance Required

Hanging baskets are one of the easiest plants to care for in my opinion. All you have to do is water your basket when you feel the bottom of the basket (the tiny hole at the bottom) is dry. Give that sucker an old fill from your watering can, or even a few skirts from a garden hose. And if you want some large flowers and long-lasting abilities too, give your flowers some fertilizer, I recommend Miracle Grow. Other than that, your flowers are quite self-sustaining. If you want a fuller more colorful look, try pinching off the dead flowers that appear through the months.

No Pests

When you have a hanging basket that is off the ground, you hardly have to worry about troublesome pests getting into your precious flowers. If you live in an area like me where it rains six out of seven times a week, your garden usually becomes a new home for little critters eating your plants. But having a flower basket eliminates those worries. Depending on what type of flowers you're put in your hanging basket, it could also work as a pest repellent for your garden (that’s what I do).

Curb Appeal

Did you know that having flowers out front of your house increases your home value? Adding just a small pop of color makes home buyers feel not only happy but also homie. Your house will appear to be more inviting and radiate a nice touch to the neighborhood. A simple way to get all these perks is just buying a hanging basket to put on your porch, it’s that simple! Who would’ve known that a $30 hanging basket could help you sell your home?

Helping the Planet

Having a hanging basket not only is great for aesthetics but can help the planet. I know that sounds extreme but having flowers in a higher place attracts more pollination bees which in return helps grow your garden and your neighbors garden and the world's garden! If we learned anything from the Bee Movie, it’s that we need bees to do their job to survive. So, help those fellas out with some higher-up easy to get to flowers. And trust me the bees won't come after you when your outside, they are way more scared of you then you are of them.

Flower with a heart clip next to it Via S. Hermann & F. Richter on Pixabay

So, there you go, these are the reasons I believe every single person in the world needs a hanging basket. Do you agree with my list? Let us know about our social media. And where do you buy your hanging baskets? I always recommend buying from small local growers, you’re not only helping the community but getting better quality in return. Many people can argue that hanging baskets tend to be a little pricy but trust me the amount of time they last, and all the benefits they bring, are well worth the price tag. Have a happy spring, and stay safe ladies.