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Why Networking is Imperative to Landing a Job

As students come to a close in their collegiate career, it is imperative that they find a job. In order to receive the opportunity to gain a job in your correct field requires your degree, experience, and most importantly networking. Whether you are networking through email or LinkedIn, it is important to have a good contact to help land you a great career experience. Networking is all about spotting opportunities and taking the time to reach out to certain people. You never know who knows someone, by making one connection could create a chain reaction on adding others to your list. Below are some tips to help show how important networking is and how to properly gain connections. 

Be Intentional

When it comes to networking, be intentional. Networking should always be done with an intention, and not just to collect business cards and be seen. Approach networking with goals in mind. 

Set Goals

Be open about your career goals. Be confident and comfortable sharing what you want. Often times as women we do not want to seem pushy, but it is important state your goals and how that person can help you achieve them. 

Following Up 

Once you have initially made your connection, it is important to follow up. If you have a great conversation with someone at a networking event and exchange contact information, send him or her a note and remark on your interaction. 

Building on Your Accomplishments 

Networking can also further your career. Once you are established in a role, you may want to move your way to the top or land a job at a new business. By knowing the right people and taking the time to connect with them, you are at a higher chance to get an interview and eventually get the job. 

Hopefully everyone is able to use their degree, experience, and networking to their advantage in order to land their future dream job.

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