Why Every Student Should Take More Breaks

Feeling mentally drained almost every night due to finishing loads of homework and studying is not a healthy experience for any student. The dangerous cycle most students follow without realizing is working on tasks until they are all complete… taking no breaks. I am usually one of the many victims to this exhausting experience, but now that I am aware of the benefits that come with taking small breaks, I want to preach to the rest of my peers the importance of taking some time to mentally refresh.

You Can Accomplish Your Tasks Without Feeling Like a Workaholic

Most individuals have a general sense of when work becomes a little overbearing. If you feel stuck in the middle of an exercise or problem and some time has passed, it probably means it’s time to step away from your work and focus on something else for a few minutes. Even just moving into a different environment can let your brain recalibrate. Don’t just stare at your laptop and struggle writing that paper! Allow yourself some time to take mini-breaks in sections where your thinking hard. The breaks can help you gather new ideas!

Taking Breaks Increases Productivity

Taking the smallest breaks between work makes all the difference and it can essentially help you tackle your challenges. According to Psychology Today, “When we work, our prefrontal cortex makes every effort to help us execute our goals. For a challenging task that requires our sustained attention, research shows briefly taking our minds off the goal can renew and strengthen motivation.”

How to Take a Well-Deserved Break

There are thousands of ways to help you clear your mind and destress! Short breaks where you just need a little adjusting before getting back on topic could be giving your furry pet attention or doing a quick yoga session in your room. Longer breaks can be great for when you finish a paper or project and you’re ready for some real stress relief. Retail therapy or taking a luxurious bubble bath will set the mood.

Taking some time for yourself here and there when completing your to-do list everyday will truly enhance productivity and will keep you sharp and happy! Finishing your assignments on time is crucial for success, but your mental focus is also crucial for you to continue achieving!