What's New on Netflix?

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright


Jenny Slate is an actress/comedian most well known for her range of voices and fiery personality. Unlike most comedy specials Netflix produces, this one is quirky just like Jenny. Instead of the one hour set, you might find Ellen DeGeneres doing in Relatable, the comedy is broken into segments and sandwiched between personal interviews between Jenny and her family.  It’s unique the way the whole special is set up, and it gives you a little bit of everything. It's perfectly Jenny.



In the same realm as Girl on a Train, Fractured follows a dad as he searches for the truth. His little girl and wife disappear after an accident that lands them in the ER, and no one seems to remember them at all. It calls into question whether they were even real at all. Starring Sam Worthington, the ominous and suspenseful plot leaves you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, Fractured might be your next greatest watch.

The Laundromat


Meryl Streep, the Queen of acting, the Supreme Lord of the Emmys, the GateKeeper to my heart, has truly wowed me in The Laundromat. My versatile madre plays a widow who is swindled out of her husband’s insurance money. Instead of lying down and taking this injustice, she goes on a hunt to find those responsible and bring them to justice, expose the Ponzi Scheme, and get her check. Based on real-life, this movie has a star-studded cast; Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas, Jeffery Wright to name a few. I assure you this witty movie will be worth your time! Meryl Streep would never disappoint.

Living with Yourself

TV Show

The director of Living With Yourself, Timothy Greenberg, is known for his deadpan humor and creating very illusive media. LWY is no different. Starring Paul Rudd (AKA our beloved Ant-Man) as Miles, he finds himself in a sketchy strip mall spa undergoing a peculiar service after feeling a little low about life. When he wakes up he finds he has been replaced by a better Miles. Navigating life in this witty humorous Netflix Original Series, you will laugh, cry, and maybe think about life a little different.

WILD CARD: The Unlisted

TV Show

This Australian kid’s television show focuses on a group of schoolchildren who aren’t chipped by the AUS government, known as the unlisted. It documents their attempts to escape the official’s clutches, and they are coming together in the shadows. While it might be intended for children, the plot and acting are very well done, and the show comes off in an innocent suspenseful way. No matter your age, you will find this show to be interesting and an intense watch.

If you are needing something new to binge the weekend, we hope you check some of these out! Let us know your new fave!