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What To Do When You Get Homesick



Whether it is our first year or this isn’t your first college rodeo, I think everyone at some point experiences getting homesick.  This is COMPLETELY normal when moving away from home and you are definitely not alone. If you feel like you are stuck in your sadness, try some of our favorite ways of bringing home to you!


Call Your Momma

If you have not already done this, get on it (I call my mom during all of my mental breakdowns).  If you are missing home, I promise this will help, not only hearing your mom’s voice, but she is also probably full of all the positive vibes you need to feel better! If you’re lucky she may even send you a care package in the mail if you are having an extra rough time (hint, hint, moms).


Homesick Candles

When I learned these candles existed I questioned it at first.  How can candle really smell like the state you are from? However, when I lived in California for a while one of my friends bought me a candle from my home state and it was amazing! I light it all the time when I get homesick at school and it makes everything feel cozy and homey! 10/10 recommend. 


Facetime Friendly Faces

When you are feeling homesick, not only are you missing your parents and family, you most likely are also missing your friends from back home.  Facetime is such an easy fix for when you are needing some quality time with your bestie. Sometimes Facetime is the next best thing to actual Face to Face time.  


Stay Social

Just because you miss your friends from back home, do not forget the friends you have with you at school.  They want to support you in these tough times, talk it out and will do anything to help you feel better ( if this isn’t what your friends at school are like, you may want to reevaluate).  Getting involved is a great way to find new friends in this unknown territory and it can be surprising what solid friendships can come out of trying new things!



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