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Since Valentine’s Day was Monday, I’m sure we’re all feeling a little frazzled and perhaps even at a loss for what to do. But fear not, I’ve compiled a list of date ideas for you to take as is or customize. Whether it’s a night in with your boo or a night alone just for you, I have ideas that work for all! So let’s get into it!

  1. Go ax-throwing– While this may not be everyone’s idea of romance, who doesn’t love a bit of playful competition. Make a bet of it so whoever does the worst has to pay for dinner or give the other a massage. Or if it’s for a Galentine’s activity, pretend the target is your ex’s PS5 and go nuts!
  2. A PowerPoint night – Again, maybe not what you automatically think of when romantic dates are mentioned, but you can tailor the powerpoints to each other. Some example themes are my favorite pictures of us, why I love you, songs they remind you of, people you would fight for them. The possibilities here are truly limitless.
  3. Stargazing– If you live close enough to a field with minimal light pollution and you never go stargazing, change that now. What could be better than looking out at the universe with one of your favorite people in it laying right next to you?
  4. A charcuterie board night– To me, charcuterie boards used to have to be these big fancy things that would make Pinterest moms everywhere cry. However, since I’m dating someone pescetarian and lactose intolerant, I’ve realized that as long as the board has things that make her happy, she’ll love it. Heck, make a candy charcuterie board or be like Matt from the Bachelor and have a Star Wars-themed char-coochie board! It’s your Valentine’s Day, and you get to choose your snacks.
  5. Read to each other– Now, this is more for the bookworm couples. Maybe you and your partner both have books you want the other to read, but they’re always too busy. Well, set time aside, grab your favorite book or books, and read to each other. Who wouldn’t want to hear their partner’s soothing voice reading something like One Last Stop for an hour or 2?
  6. Each make a playlist and listen to them while you go on a drive– This one feels self-explanatory. Still, I’ll say this; sometimes it’s hard to express your feelings in words, so let the music express your feelings and just sit there with each other as you drive around town.
  7. Cat cafe– Cats, coffee, cute date… need I say more?
  8. Go bowling– Bowling is a highly underappreciated activity, and I fear soon all the bowling alleys will begin to close like Blockbuster. For my sake, I must ask my fellow bowlers to help me prevent this. Mask up, sanitize and get those bumpers out cause despite how fun Wii bowling is, it can never bring the satisfaction real bowling does.
  9. Go ice skating– Not only is this cute in theory. I feel ice skating is severely underappreciated, but you can either take slow laps holding hands, show off or fall on your butts and laugh until you can’t breathe, and that sounds like a pretty good date to me.
  10. Aquarium date– For this one, there is a catch. Anything remotely like Seaworld is an absolute no. Give your money to an aquarium that either protects or rehabilitates their water babies—not exploiting them for money because it is now and forever still F*ck Seaworld.
  11. Painting date– Paint canvases, paint each other, paint pottery, heck, paint your noods as a gift if you want.
  12. Buy books then trade– This is another one for my bookworm lovers. It’s a great way to find something new to talk about, especially if you buy a book that’s like a middle school favorite instead of a current favorite because it’ll be something you vaguely remember; meanwhile, they just read it, so they’ll remember everything.
  13. Nap date– I am dating a sleepy girl. I am a sleepy girl. This one goes out to all my sleepy couples. May you snooze sweetly.
  14. Make hot chocolate bombs and chocolate-covered strawberries– This is what I’m doing, so I included it if anyone else out there wanted to do it too. We could even make it a big virtual double date.

These are just a few ideas but remember Valentine’s Day is just another day. If you are in a relationship and don’t want to make a fuss, that’s fine! At the core of its commercialized cheesiness, Valentine’s Day is about love, and if going all out one day to go back to normal the next doesn’t make you feel loved, then there is no need to participate because you’re still doing something for someone you love, you. There’s no one we need to show love to more than ourselves so whether you choose to celebrate or not, make sure that you are happy and comfortable with what you’re doing. 

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