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Thinking of Meal Prepping? Here are the Pros and Cons!

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Meal prepping has been a big fad in the world lately, especially for young adults. Why is that? The idea that we just have to heat food up and have a whole meal in less than 3 minutes sounds so satisfying. But is it really? As somebody who is a full-time student, meal prepping sounds like the dream. I’d rather spend cooking time studying for my next test, or actually getting free time. However, after just a few weeks of meal prepping I realized it wasn’t exactly the dream and hope I thought it was.


  • Food basically ready whenever you want and time saved during the week.
    • Coming home and instantly having a meal ready is a great end to a busy day, especially when you come home from a long day of work or classes. 
  • Grocery shopping can become easier (once a week)!
    • Oftentimes when I do not prepare meals, I find myself at the grocery store a couple times a week to get ingredients that I need for specific meals. 
  • Find new and fun recipes.
    • With meal prepping you often have to look around for new recipes every week. Meaning you get to find tasty finds every week!


  • The time you will spend on the weekend (usually) cooking is insane, time shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.
    • I did my meal prepping on Sunday. As a college kid, I love Sunday’s, utilizing it for self-care time or to get some work done for the week, but when I meal prepped I found most of my day spent shopping, cooking and cleaning which just made me feel sad and in a way behind on my internal schedule. 
  • Weird tasting food-YUCK! 
    • This is by far the biggest con I faced when I used to meal prep. After about 3 to 4 days the food would just start tasting off. It makes perfect sense, already made food does not store to well, and it’s pretty much just leftovers, and those are usually not good. 
  • Getting bored of the same meal every day……
    • Need I say more. Eating the same meal every day gets old really fast! 
  • Your grocery list will be lengthy! 
    • You’re about to cook for a whole week! Of course, your list is going to be long, and usually, with a long list, you spend more time at the grocery store which can suck!

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