Tana Mongeau: The Truth About Everything

Tana Mongeau, notorious YouTube personnel and storytime creator released a video on December 29th, 2019 titled, the truth about everything. (the wedding, Jake, Alissa, Erika, MTV, mental health, drugs, etc). Now, to the average person one may think, “holy cow this girl has a lot going on”, but long-time subscribers, we were hesitant that this video was going to mean something. Previously, Tana has realized video where she is claiming to have a mental break down and such but seeing that this video is more than ten to fifteen minutes long, I was hopeful that Tana was going to be serious. Since this video is forty minutes of unedited gossip, I figured I would spare most people the time, and summarize what is going on with Tana Mongeau.   

After a two day breaks off social media, Tana starts her video explaining that the break was needed for her to evaluate her life as of right now, I would too if I had her life. Although her break was short off social media, Tana discusses how 2019 was the hardest year of her life, not only career-wise but mentally and emotionally. I’m sure most of you remember back at the beginning of this year Tana “married” famous YouTuber Jake Paul, in this video, she touches on several big moments such as this, along with other gossip and drama within her life.   

Right off the bat, Tana first talks about how she has always had a hard life. Leaving home at 16 and on the streets in Las Vegas, Tana never had a place to call home or a good image of what family is supposed to look like. She states that she will never be able to forgive her family for what they did to her as a kid and the horrible childhood that they provided her. Since it was the holiday season, Tana states that around this time of year, she gets quite upset due to the lack of family, she wants to reach out and have her family, but they refuse to apologize to her for the awful things that Tana doesn’t go into detail of. MTV, the program with which Tana has a web series through, wanted to make a holiday special to highlight the lack of family she has, to which Tana said was a messed-up thing to do to her.   

Tana then gets into past relationships with Hunter Moreno and Brad Sousa. She says that the reason she even dated Brad was so that she could cope with Hunter not wanting to be with her. She acknowledges that it was wrong, but she again has no concept of how to properly treat others due to her family. She then says that Brad did something bad to her at Coachella which caused their breakup when she found out that he was cheating on her. Tana says she was sad that the relationship was over, but she had her eyes set on Jake Paul because she felt like they understood one another well.  

Now Tana talks about her past with drug abuse, so if you are sensitive to such topics, I suggest you skip this paragraph. Since she was 16 years old, Tana admits to abusing pills to an unhealthy level. She states that she was clean for a while, but after the failure of Tanacon in 2017 she went back to her addictive tendency with pills. She also talks about Mac Miller's death, and how she always loved him and having to say goodbye was something she wasn’t ready to handle at that time, so she looked for an escape with pills, like her teen years. She explains that she has stopped but she is now unaware of the person she is anymore. 

Jake Paul, where do I even start. Half of the video is dedicated to talking about Tana and Jakes relationship. Tana says that right from the beginning of their relationship, she felt like she had to make a lot of comprises to be a “cool girlfriend”. Although she doesn’t state what these compromises where she does say that she was never on board with having an open relationship with Jake and just gave him the okay because she was afraid of saying no and losing him. Let me just say, if you must dismiss your feelings and thoughts in any relationship to make someone else happy, honey, they are not for you and they don’t respect you obviously. She states that Jake made her so happy and allowed her to have so much fun that he was almost like a drug that she couldn’t get enough of. She says that their wedding was more of a bet of who could outdo each other, and ultimately wasn’t an accurate portrayal of what was going on in their relationship. Tana says that she was so out of her mind on the night of the wedding since her father had a stroke just hours beforehand. And then right after the wedding before they left for the honeymoon Tana’s grandma passed unexpectedly. Tana has never publicly talked about these events, but she says that she never got the time to heal from them because she was so caught up in the drama with Jake and Erika Costell being publicly seen together.   

So, there you go, this is what has been going on inside the mind of Tana Mongeau. Although this seems like a breakup video, Tana says that she and Jake are still together and are working things out. She says that she was scared to make a video about this because she knew that all of this would upset Jake, even though she blames herself for all of this and specifically says that Jake isn’t the person to blame for any of this, but that also doesn’t dismiss him treating her like garbage. What do you think about Tana’s explanation for everything? Do you think she is honest, or is she just frustrated in the moment with her relationship with Jake? I will say, I’m no psychology major, but I can tell that their relationship is so toxic, and she honestly needs to seek some professional help this year and start fresh from social media and her love life.