Some Study Spots at CWU

Its that time of year again kitties, MIDTERMS. Do you have a good study place to hide out and get down to business? Here are some spots hidden around Central Washington University campus that are comfy and chill to get some work done, and hopefully lower your stress levels.

Upstairs in the SURC

In the SURC there is always so many people always hanging out by the food court, the SURC pit and all over any table space downstairs. If you wander upstairs toward the theater and ballroom, you will find tons of comfy chairs, table and chairs, couches, and so many more awesome places to sit and get some studying done! ALSO most of the seating upstairs has outlets or USB ports IN THE FURNITURE. How awesome is that?

4th Floor Hidden Rooms (Brooks Library)

There are a couple "hidden rooms" in the back corners of the 4th floor in our very own Brooks Library. You'll basically find a ton of empty little back corners of the library, but there rarely people up there because its a bit of a walk up all of those stairs... So head up there and just try exploring and see what fun space you find to hangout in!

1821 Bistro

Not only is the Bistro a coffee shop, but it also is full of a ton of tables and chairs to sit at and get some studying done! I always joke with my friends that it looks "like a furniture store in there" because there are truly so many places to sit and so many plush chairs and couches for you and all of your friends to come hangout and crank out some homework! (or just chill and enjoy your coffee, your call...)


Next time you need to get some studying done, check out one of these three places and let us know what you think! Leave us a comment in the box below!