Not Sure Which Feminine Product is For You and Your Lifestyle? These Tips Will Guide You!

Ladies, it can be tough deciding if a pad or a tampon is the best fit for your monthly period and the reality is, it all depends on you. Tampons and pads are the two most commonly used feminine products and each have their pros to wearing them. Some women feel that the feminine product they choose has an impact on their activities and lifestyle, which to a certain degree I can relate to. No product is better than another as each do well in getting the job done. Whichever way you make an impact on the world, pads and tampons are both safe options that can be interchangeable with day to day and cycle to cycle living. Here are some pro tips if still wondering the differences between each product:


When considering tampons as a product option, there is a freedom of movement that pads just cannot offer. Most athletes and individuals who are very active choose to wear tampons for this reason. Some women also prefer to use tampons because it is a product they cannot feel in their pants. Pads can be felt when walking and moving around because they sit on the inside of your underwear. If you do not want to feel your feminine product while on your period and you tend to live an active lifestyle with constantly being on the go, tampons are a great option to consider.


Pads and panty liners are another great option if you’re looking for a non-inserting product. Pads are easy and simple to put on because they are on the outside of your body and they are also leak-free compared to tampons. In other words, pads can catch almost everything, that way there is no surprises in your underwear! The product Carefree Acti-Fresh are pads and a company that I have recently tried out and my results were amazing. These Carefree pads are thin and small for the size I have. They are similar to a panty liner and so I stuff them in my backpack and gym bag before heading out. These small pads are great for on the go and are super accessible. This Carefree Acti-Fresh product is specifically known for its twist resist design so that when you move around, your pad does not get destroyed and remains flexible. I would recommend this product to individuals who love to be active and are having a lighter cycle because these pads will move with you. Pads can also be used safely overnight for several hours and are not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands to switch out products between classes or just remain busy for several hours at a time, pads are your life saver.

Hopefully this guide between the differences of a pad and a tampon help you decide a product that is right for you and your lifestyle!

XOXO, Her Campus