Negative Career Culture

I recently came across an article written for new teachers. It said, “Hey, New Teachers, It’s Ok to Cry in Your Car”. Immediately after seeing this I felt a wave of negativity and annoyance. I am a senior this year with a major in education which is why this article struck a certain chord with me. However, I along with many other university students journeying into their senior year, am super nervous to enter full adult life. It comes with a lot of pressure, questions, and unknowns so I can’t help but think that the whole “your new job is going to be so overwhelming, you’ll cry” idea our society seems to be pushing onto us is wrong.

While entering the job force will undoubtedly be overwhelming at first, I believe people like your supervisors, administrators or colleagues should be offering enough support that you never feel like you need to go cry in your car. Mentorship and being around people that allow you to bounce ideas off them and ask questions should be a given in any workspace. Mentorship within the workforce is important because it can have a critical positive impact on new workers through support, guidance and orientation programs set up for the new employees.

Unfortunately, often we see these new, bright professionals struggling to cope with their work/life balance because they just don’t have the resources available to them to make them as successful as possible. No one likes to feel as if they are not good enough (Imposter syndrome is a thing) and because of that, I have compiled a list of sites and TedTalks you should check out if you’re feeling the ‘newcomer blues'. 

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