Natalie Allias: When Beauty & Brains Collide

When I first met Natalie Allais, she appeared to be your usual Central Washington University senior: pretty, organized and the shiny blonde ringlets to match. However, the more classes I had with Natalie, the more I saw her charisma, sweet personality and intelligence. In an impromptu interview, I learned so much about Allais and her journey to graduation this spring.  

Placing the gold-coiled spiral notebook in front of her, a pen readily in hand, in the two quarters I had been in her presence, I have never seen her miss a beat. Little did I know, our paths may have never crossed had it not been for a nudge from her best friend and future brides mate.  

How did you decide on CWU for college?

“I was considering community college or taking some time off, but she inspired me and became my freshman year roommate” Allais said. After graduating from Jackson High School in the spring of 2013, college was not top priority to Allais. It was the support and push from her childhood best friend that made her apply to CWU and attend a few months later in the fall. “I got accepted [at CWU] the same day and decided to go for it,” Allais said. Natalie relies on chance and risk, a large part of what has made her collegiate career so successful.

Did you enjoy Central? How was your social life? Any advice for underclassmen?

“Think about where you want to live” Allais said. The fair-skinned beauty smiled as she explained the importance of undergraduate dorming and forging life-long friendships. “I met one of my best guy friends my freshman year. . .now we’re dating,” she elaborated.

Any specific advice for underclassmen as they move towards graduation?

Natalie shifted her head to the side and twirled with her jewelry, “my advice would be to not be afraid to do something your advisor told you not to.” Natalie was one of the initial students to experience the Disney internship in Florida. She went on to explain the issues surrounding her time in Disney, “I was told I wasn’t going to graduate on time…I’m walking the day before my 22nd birthday” Allais said with a smile.

Disney’s communications internship is hard to get into, what was your time their like and your experience with the whole process?

Natalie smiled “every time something happens in my life, like a bad experience, I turned to Disney” she went on to explain her experience with the internship, “I went through a terrible breakup and said ‘I don’t want to be here or around him’ so I applied on a whim and went to Florida” Allais said. “The next year, I was in a terrible roommate situation, I also just didn’t want to be in that atmosphere; I did the Disney internship again,” she noted. Natalie is one to take risks and make changes where they seem due, an inspiration to those of us hating where we are in life but dealing with it. Natalie took a chance and was able to have “open of the best experiences of [her] college career.”

Your current boyfriend was your best friend, explain how you guys met and what lead you to know he was ‘the one’”?

“We met my freshman year, he became one of my best guy friends. He was supportive through all of my hard times, especially after my first break up and my first Disney internship,” said Natalie. It was after her second internship that Natalie knew her friend of two years, was the one for her. “I called him and said ‘I want to come home, come get me,’ He drove to Orlando and we drove back to Seattle in 10 days” she said, running her fingers through her waves and smiling brightly. “We were crossing the Vancouver to Seattle bridge, and I said ‘I love you,’ later this spring we’re getting engaged” Natalie said.

What are your plans after graduation?

“I’m traveling through the national parks with my mom and boyfriend, we’re out-doorsy people,” she said. “In August, I’ll be moving to Burbank and starting my life” she added excitedly.

A romantic comedy played out in real-time, Allais fell in love with her best friend, is graduating and pursuing marriage all within the span of her collegiate career. It only right I asked her for advice, some of us can only dream of her experiences.

Any advice you really want readers to remember?

“Do not be deterred” she said confidently. “There are a lot of people intimidated by the fact you’re doing something no one else has done before” she added. A lesson that involves taking risks and making the most out of bad situations, Natalie used what she was battling at that time, to push herself in ways she thought unimaginable.

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