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Morning Routines to Help You Feel Grounded and Happier Throughout Your Day

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Waking up early

Me? A morning person? Nope. Not in the slightest. I wake up melded with the deep cushion of my mattress, cocooned in the soft clouds of my comforter, and so nicely cuddled up with my stuffies Sam the Dino and Tummy Tum the two-headed bear. Who’d want to leave that in the morning? And for work and classes nonetheless! No, thank you. 

All this aside, however, there are benefits to waking up before you’re supposed to be getting ready. It makes more time for you to begin building your steps into your routine, and for you to be more awake and ready for the day. We can also find a happy medium here: You don’t have to get out of bed yet, in fact, some mornings I’m in bed for an hour or more before actually getting up and ready. It’s about doing what feels nice, not what feels like an obligation.

Avoid the doomscrolling (or at least try to minimize it)

Listen, I know how tempting it can be to just roll over and spend hours laying in bed scrolling on social media. And honestly, a little is just fine, but there’s a balance between endlessly scrolling and simply scrolling while you adjust to waking up. If you can’t avoid it entirely, that’s okay! I certainly can’t. That’s why I try to stick to 30 minutes at most before transitioning to my next steps. 


My next step is to read poetry. Now I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the idea can still be applied if that’s what will work for you. I read poetry that focuses on topics of healing and deep thought, which helps me to carry these positive and comforting ideas throughout my day. They keep me mindful of myself and my surroundings. Having this sort of morning reminder to stay present and to listen to your mind and body can be extremely beneficial for those of you who lean more towards philosophical thoughts and healing your mind. 

Another great part of this step is that you can do it while still laying in bed! You can stay comfy and cozy while stimulating your mind. 

Relaxing and lighthearted music

One key way to build the vibes of a good morning is to put on a nice morning playlist. Whatever helps you to start your day feeling inspired, calm, and happy, whether that’s Hozier, Lana Del Ray, Vance Joy, maybe some classical or even something funky and instrumental. If it puts you in a good mood, it’s perfect!

Skin care

I know, I can be a bit annoying about this one. But I will never shut up about how amazing it makes me feel. Not only will it help my skin to feel amazing, soft, and hydrated, but it also helps to boost my confidence, as well as offering me the time and space to just take care of myself and show myself a little self – love. I have so much fun making this into a ritual, going slow and showing myself that I deserve to take this time to focus on me.


For all my witchy girlies, this one is one of my favorites. I mentioned before that making a ritual out of my morning has been extremely beneficial for me. It’s a love language to yourself when you spend some quality time doing what makes you feel good and grounded. So for those of you who are interested in or practice a little witchcraft, doing a tarot pull in the morning is an excellent way to sit with yourself and your deck and do some grounding and inner work. You can do a quick one card pull, or a whole spread if you like. For me, I find it helpful to simply ask “what do I need to be mindful of today?” and then carry that message, or sometimes even the card (or cards) themselves with me as I go about my day. This is what helps me to stay grounded and mindful, especially on days that could get me overwhelmed or moody. 

Picking out a daily crystal or two can help in this as well. Taking the time to decide what energy you’d like to carry with you for the day will not only help you keep those energies with you, but will also make you set specific intentions for your day, giving you purpose and another way to be mindful.

Hey, my name is Jordan! I have a passion for advocating for mental health and anything artsy. I like discussing deeper topics in an open and casual way, and making heavy matters feel less daunting and lonely. On the lighter side, I love nature, animals, shopping, and romance novels too!