Midterm Recommends: Coffee, Sweatpants and Inspirational Quotes

If the survival of your midterms week depends on coffee and sweatpants (like us) just know, we understand. While the amount of midterms seem to over crowd your already busy schedule, just remember; you got this. Between the endless hours spent at the library and the barista mastering your drink order this week, you might need some more emotional support. Here are some of our favorite inspirational quotes that you too can benefit from creating your inspirational daily mantras to get you through this week.

Even though midterms are stressful AF, just remember there are always ways to get through it. Want some tips to help your midterm study flow? Try decorating your study space with some inspirational quotes (like our favorites) to give you that extra push and try to organize a study group with friends to make studying a little easier. Either way our #1 tip is definitely coffee, and a lot of it.