Marissa Mason: Blogging, Jogging and Voting


Getting involved on campus and making time to take care of yourself isn't always easy. Marissa Mason, junior, makes time for both. Marissa is Secretary of the College Repbulicans Club at CWU and just recently started a fitness blog! Her Campus CWU was able to catch up with Marissa this week and ask a couple of questions about everything from her favrotie post work out snack to why she believes its important that everyone votes. 

Hometown: Edmonds, WA

Year: 3rd 

Major: Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice 

What is your favorite show?

Lie to me and psych

What's your go to workout song at the moment?

No Problem by Chance the Rapper

What are the two things you can't live without?

My Fitbit and my Devotional.

What is your Starbucks drink of choice?

Shaken Green tea with no water and apple juice

Where is your favorite place to be?

"The end of my dock at my cabin on lake Cavanaugh eating some fruit"

What Inspired you to start a fitness blog?

"I was between jobs and loved fitness, I heard about fitness coaching for Beach Body an d thoguht what the heck!"

What keeps you motivated?

"My mom always makes sure I'm on top of things! When people like and comment on my pictures or DM me for health and fitness tips it gets me really excited! Seeing the positive changes in my body is nice too."

Do you drink protien?

"I drink shakeology, it has more protien it has daily nutrients and vitamnins we don’t get when we don't eat right."

What is your favorite post work out snack/meal?

"I work out at 6 am and have a shakeology for breakfast, if I work out at night I'll come home and eat dinner which is usually chicken, veggies and rice."

Why did you join The College Republicans Club at CWU?

Once during a fire drill in Kamola Hall I ran out with the current Presindant and he told me about all the politicians and schools that are involved in it so I went to the conference and loved it and joined the club.

Why should people join the College Republicans Club?

"We don't just sit around talking about government policies and who should be our next president. If you like to talk about politics you should come and hang out! Even if you don’t know where you stand politically."

Do you think it's important to vote?

"Absolutley, even if you don’t agree with the major candidates. Show that you care [about the United States] by voting for the private candidates. It doesn't matter how you do it just do it,everyone has a voice so use it!"

If you have any questions about Marissa's fitness blog or College Republicans Club at CWU be sure to stop and ask her! She's more than happy to spread the word and the love.