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Le Motto: “Because Words DO have Power”

If there’s anything that we’ve learned over the past few years, in politics, in the fight for equal rights, and even in our homes, it’s that words do indeed, have power. A single word can impact the lives of others whether positively or negatively, not because of the word itself, but because of the meanings behind each word. That’s what makes the t-shirt brand Le Motto, so cool. Le Motto understands the power that words bear, and they use their own words to spread positivity throughout the world. Using these socially constructed, intangible, letter scrambles that we call “words,” Le Motto forms phrases for t-shirts that remind us all that we can make a difference by spreading a little bit of positivity. Here are just a few phrases that Le Motto wants us to remember.

Less regret, More sweat

Many of us are very familiar with that guilty feeling we get when we look in the mirror and are reminded that we haven’t seen the inside of a gym in WAY too long. Le Motto is here to remind you to make like Nike and just do it. Be active, because in the end, you won’t regret it. The only thing you’re going to regret is not going, and let’s face it, we’ve got our fill of that regret. It’s time to make those positive changes. Less regret, More sweat!

Less drama, More karma

Man oh man did Le Motto get this one right! Karma will come to the bitches who deserve it, so don’t worry! Ditch the drama, do good, and bring on the good karma! Less drama, More Karma!

Less hesitation, More meditation

This concept is often one that people accidentally leave out of their lives, and it’s actually a very important one! Stop hesitating to do things because you’re too busy. Go for it. Stop and smell the roses. Take the time out of your day to do the little things for yourself because in the end, they matter. Peace of mind is important. Meditate. Do Yoga. Dance. Do what you need to do to become happier with yourself and your choices. Meditation in particular can reduce stress and improve concentration. So just go for it! Less hesitation, More meditation.

Made in Guatemala and finished in the USA, these t-shirts are spreading good words everywhere to remind you of what you are capable of. Want in on the positivity? Visit their website here to get your very own. Comment below with Le Motto phrases that have impacted your life! #ActuallySheCan

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