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Khloe Kardashian is Having a Girl: We’re All Freaking Out

Hey babes, so our favorite mother to be, Khloe Kardashian announced last Sunday, on Keeping Up with The Kardashians that her and Tristan Thompson are expecting a baby girl. If you didn’t see last episode, no worries, we’ll fill you in; Khloe got her blood taken by her doctor to find out the sex of her baby. She told the doctor to call Kylie so Kylie could tell Khloe what the sex of the baby was. Throughout the episode she keeps saying that she “feels like” she is having a boy, but when the time comes Kylie finally calls Khloe and tells her she is having a girl! Kim and Kourtney were with Khloe when Kylie was on the phone, and Khloe was shocked.

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Kim and Kourtney kept telling her congratulations but, it kind of sounded like Khloe wanted Kylie to be joking and tell her she is having a boy, but nope. Another baby girl Kardashian is on her way!

Source: Giphy

This will be baby girl number 6 between all 7 siblings in the Kardashian-Jenner tribe. With all the unique names all the sisters and Rob have given their children, we cannot wait to find out what Khloe will name her precious little girl. Congrats to Khloe and Tristan! 

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