How to Maintain Relationships While Busy in College

Everyone gets busy from time to time, or maybe just busy all the time. It’s especially easy to get overwhelmingly busy in college with all the classes, clubs and events. Pile work on top of that, and that’s a full schedule every week. While school, work and extracurriculars can be a huge priority in some people’s lives, it’s also important to understand how to maintain friendships and other relationships while busy. 

Person Writing in Notebook Pexels

Have Study Dates Together

Study dates are a great way to maintain friendships and relationships. Not only do study dates have a productive outcome, but they also give time to be around friends. Getting together with a friend and going to a cafe or library together to work together is a fun way to get things done while maintaining a social life.

Invite Friends to Events

Another great way to maintain relationships while busy is by inviting friends to events you’re attending or organizing. This especially goes for people in clubs. If a club you’re in is putting on an event, invite some friends and not only will you get to see them, but you’ll also get more people attending your club’s events!

Keep in touch over the phone Photo by Paul Hanaoka from Unsplash

Probably the easiest way to maintain relationships while busy is by keeping in touch over the phone. Sending people texts is super easy and can help keep friendships and relationships connected. Commenting on friends’ social media posts is a good way to let them know you’re thinking about them, as well as sending them a message whenever you think of them. 

Make Sure Work Isn’t Taking Over Your Life

While there are some ways to maintain relationships while also keeping up with a busy schedule, sometimes some reprioritizing is the best way to catch back up with people. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, maybe look to cut something out so that you have more time to relax and hang out with people you enjoy being around.

I hope this helps, thanks for reading! HCXO