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A Guide to a Successful Winter Quarter

As we reach the third week of the winter quarter, some students may find it difficult to really get into the zone or create a substantial routine. A reason why this might especially be the case is that this quarter follows a long, much-needed holiday break and is set during the time of year that usually consists of seasonal anxiety or depression. 

Nighttime Self Care 

[bf_image id="vzcrcsv6wvv8s7tn2r2m27kb"] ‘Self-care’ doesn’t always mean going the extra mile with face masks, body scrubs, or bubble baths whenever you desperately need it. Exercising care for yourself can also mean sticking to a particular night routine and establishing a smart bedtime that can assure a successful morning. Personally, I have found it helpful to open up a good book or listen to some soft music in order to settle down for a good night’s sleep. It isn’t so great to stay up until odd hours of the night with prolonged screen time and I have had to learn that the hard way. However, everyone’s interests are different and I believe that finding that nightly perfect balance is the highest form of self-care.

Healthy Habits

[bf_image id="qfe02f-x9ehc-4r02zq"] Feeling stuck? I’ve been there. This quarter has felt especially strange considering the ups and downs of last year and the sole fact that burnout has become more common than ever. It is extremely easy to feel unmotivated amidst the online schooling and the struggle to have a community feeling on and off-campus. This is why it is very helpful to commit to a healthy lifestyle that will make our minds and bodies feel encouraged to keep going. If you ever find yourself unable to continue that big assignment or that final essay, take a mental break! Not a phone break, though, a real break. Whether it be a quick bite to eat or a 10-minute yoga/stretching break, anything that leaves you feeling mindful rather than hooked on whatever video you just saw on Twitter.

Along with giving ourselves a break mentally, it is essential that we also take care of our bodies throughout this quarter, since most of us might be feeling a bit restless. It doesn’t have to entail any sort of extraneous exercise and can be as simple as taking more walks around the block or learning a silly TikTok dance… or two. Anything that can help produce some more serotonin throughout your body, is indeed a healthy habit. 

Daily Routine

[bf_image id="q8yunt-fdtr9c-6zokft"] We already know that having balanced meals and maintaining healthy habits is beneficial to one’s success. As well as this, it is actually quite helpful to commit to a substantial routine on a day-to-day basis. If your sole responsibility is school, try to fill your days with tasks and things to keep yourself busy, preventing boredom as much as possible. As for those who have jobs or internships to manage into their daily schedules, setting aside time for yourself is also key. 

While new beginnings and routines can definitely feel strange and uncertain, it is extremely important to remain focused. We can do this by reminding ourselves of our goals and ambitions, providing reassurance as to why we chose to continue our education in the first place. Let this be a guide, of sorts, to encourage you to perform both consistently and mindfully for the remainder of the quarter.

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