Get To Know: Morgan

This week we're getting to know Mo! Morgan is in the Aviation program at Central Washington University. Her love and passion for flying is known by everyone that knows her. Being one of the few girls in an already unique major here at CWU makes her even more awesome. 

Where is your hometown? 

Olympia, Washington

If you were stranded on an island, what one item would you bring with you? 

“I would bring a grilled cheese sandwich. Cause I know I’ll get hungry.”

What is your major? 


What do you think initially gave you the idea that you wanted to become a pilot? 

“My dad is a pilot and my neighbors growing up had a grass landing strip in their back yard, so I was always around planes and the aviation industry.”

Did you ever have any feelings of struggle or discouragement when starting your journey towards becoming a pilot? 

“Oh every day of my life! It’s a rigorous program, it’s basically like learning a whole new language.”

If you had the opportunity to fly anyone to anywhere in the world right now with no restrictions, where would you go and who would you take? 

“I would take all my best friends and fly to Spain so we can have fun, explore and turn up.”

What is your absolute favorite part about flying?

 “The view. Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite things ever.”

If you had the chance to speak with younger people that are considering becoming a pilot, what would be your advice to them? 

“Don’t give up when it gets hard. Take failure and your mistakes as a learning experience.”

What are your next plans after graduating from college? 

“Work as a flight instructor to build hours and then become a flight officer for Horizon Airlines.”

Where did you get your love of flying from?

 “In high school, I would go on weekend trips with my dad and I really liked that lifestyle. Also, I’ve always loved how every flight is different and challenging, I’m not doing the same thing every day.”

Would you say it’s ever a little difficult being in a more unique and less common major like Aviation? 

“No, the Aviation industry has a high demand for pilots right now so it’s a perfect time to be getting into the Aviation industry as a pilot.”

What’s your favorite route or destination you’ve ever taken while flying? 

“I would say my long cross country flight. I took off in Ellensburg and flew to Boeing Field in Seattle, and then landed on Orcas Island. My instructor and I walked to a little restaurant and hung out on Orcas Island for a few hours then flew back to Ellensburg. It was too fun with a beautiful view of the Space Needle.”