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Four Ways to Donate this Holiday Season

Four Ways to Donate Your Clothes this Winter

With winter being just around the corner, donating things that you don’t need is more important than ever. Here’s some ways that you can give back this holiday season!

1. Goodwill

  • With Ellensburg’s convenient location, Goodwill makes donating easy!

2. Clothing Swap with Friends

  • Make it a party and swap clothes with your friends!

3. Plato’s Closet

  • What a better way to give back and make a little money on the side! There’s a location in Yakima, only a 30 minute drive away!


4.  Clothing Drive

  • This Wednesday, HC CWU is putting on a clothing drive from 12-2 in the SURC! And, we’ve partnered with Maurice’s in Ellensburg and they’re giving 20% coupons to anyone who donates! So come on down this Wednesday and donate.
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