Five Satisfying Moments Most Women Can Relate To

In every women’s lifetime, there are small moments of cheer, happiness, and relief to when a day is successfully finished, and relaxation can finally take place. Obstacles come to stack up as they usually do, however, women continue to persist and remain positive. Some of the way’s women stay motivated take shape from the smallest actions. These small actions and moments that occur are what makes a women’s day so much more meaningful and fabulous. This list created by my coworker and I are what we think to contribute to women’s positive vibes:


The feeling of taking off a bra after a long strenuous day.

There has never been a moment of relief so quick and amazing other than taking off the bra that has been restricting you all day. This everyday action you can count on to make you feel relaxed and at home.


The moment your period is finally over.

This moment is very relatable to all the women out there that are tired of feeling bloated while having killer cramps. Periods always suck, but on the bright side, they don’t last forever!


Ending the day with a mud mask and a night-in.

There is nothing like putting on your favorite skin care products at the end of a day while getting into your pajamas to watch some good old Netflix. Taking care of yourself is always a good option when feeling down in the dumps.


Feeling like a fabulous boss after leaving the nail salon with freshly painted nails.

If only the quality of your new nails could last forever. Something about walking out of a nail salon with a little spa pampering makes you feel fierce like you can take on the world.


Finally popping that annoying pimple that has been bothering you a fat minute.

Sometimes putting acne products on a pimple hoping it will magically disappear overtime just won’t cut it. Popping acne on the face can sometimes be a quick fix for the time being if it is constantly bothering you.