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Everything You Need to Know About Lash Extensions

Disclaimer: The following advice is based on my own experience with eyelash extensions and does not reflect a professional opinion.

As someone who tends to skip applying a full face of makeup, I personally dislike wearing mascara. Many brands have formulas that eventually end up clumpy, mascara smudges onto my eyelids, and it can be time-consuming to remove, so I tend to avoid the overall process.

My mascara problems were resolved once I purchased my first full set of lash extensions. I immediately left with darker, fuller, and curled lashes that would stay in place for weeks. I have experience with volume and classic lash extensions and love looking as though I always have eye makeup on (even though I don’t have to put in the effort).

If you think that you might be interested in lash extensions, I've written a complete guide of everything that I think you should know before booking your first appointment.

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There Are Three Types of Lash Applications:

  1. Classic: The most natural-looking lashes, where one lash extension is applied to each natural eyelash.
  2. Volume: Three to five lash extensions are applied to each natural eyelash for maximum fullness.
  3. Hybrid: A combination of classic and volume lash extensions, creating a look between natural and dramatic.

General Upkeep and Tips:

  1. Schedule lash fills ahead of time to ensure that you are always happy with the look of your lashes. Everyone is different, but most people prefer to schedule their fills two to four weeks apart.
  2. Brush your lash extensions every morning and evening, and throughout the day as needed.
  3. Avoid sleeping on your face to prevent your lashes from falling out or losing curl.
  4. Do not shower for 12-24 hours after a lash appointment; shower steam may reactivate lash glue.
  5. Try to only use oil-free makeup and skincare products. Using products with oil in them may cause the lash glue to dissolve. If you have a product that you can’t part with, avoid the eye area during application.
  6. If you use mascara, try to only apply lightly to the tips of your lash extensions. Mascara is difficult to remove and will cause your lash extensions to clump together.
  7. Do not touch your lashes with your fingers! I have found myself mindlessly pulling at them for no reason and can promise that you will regret it since the oils in your fingers will cause lash extensions to fall out faster.
  8. Lash extensions fall out with your natural lash cycle, so don’t be alarmed if you notice several fall out right away! This is the natural rate of your lash cycle, but having longer and darker lashes fall out is more noticeable so it can be alarming at first.
  9. Lash extensions do not interfere with wearing contact lenses. It is usually okay to wear contacts during appointments but be sure to ask your esthetician first!
  10.  Be aware that you may feel a slight burning sensation upon opening your eyes immediately after a lash appointment. This is caused by the fumes of the lash glue and is perfectly normal. Depending on your eye sensitivity, you may have to keep your eyes closed for several minutes until the sensation goes away. If you feel this during the application process, let your esthetician know so that they can adjust the tape on your bottom lash line.
  11. You can get your lash extensions wet but be sure to have a lash brush nearby for when it’s time to dry!

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Ellensburg Salons that Offer Lash Extension Services:

  1. 425 & Company
  2. Meraki Spa & Salon
  3. The May Salon and Waxing Studio
  4. Head to Toe Salon
  5. Palomino Salon
  6. Bluestone Academy

I hope this article provided you with some helpful info if you're thinking about getting lash extensions! Like this article? Follow us @hercampuscwu on Instagram for more!

Kyla is a senior at Central Washington University double majoring in Marketing Management and Leadership and Management with a minor in Digital Marketing. She enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with her dogs.
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