Essentials for Beginning Fitness 101

It is common for many individuals to feel lost at the gym and the debate on what machine or workout would be most beneficial for the time being in hopes of feeling satisfied post workout. have you ever just taken the easy road and decided to start jogging on a treadmill right after stretching because that is what you felt most comfortable doing? You are not the only person, in fact, I find myself choosing to run on a track often because of its simplicity and because I am clueless on how to work for certain muscle groups! To tackle this issue of how to make the most bang of your buck while at the gym, consider this article to be your small essential guide into exploring fitness that will get your heart rate up and allow you to see successful results!

Not all gym facilities have a wide variety of workout options available depending on the size and location. Most gyms, however, cover the basics of cardio machines and weight lifting equipment. Gyms in popular communities such as YMCA tend to have more adventurous choices on how to spend your sweat time. These state-of-the-art gym facilities provide the basic needs for a gym but can also have swimming pools, ball courts, and group work out classes. Before you hop on that cycle or begin your usual routine, take a moment to walk around your workout space and assess what is available at your disposal. One of many ways to get involved at your gym is to look around for upcoming events/classes and to have knowledge of all that you have access to. 

Once you have explored your workout space, you are ready to narrow down what options you can utilize in your workout routine! I have personally never gained the knowledge of working in certain muscle groups for routines because I am one of the many that just use cardio to get my heart rate up. This isn’t wrong to do, however, there is more to fitness than just cardio that will transform the body.

What I have found most useful and would recommend for any beginner is following Jillian Michaels on her workout app that is available in the app store and her online website. According to Jillian’s online live well helpful starting tips, having a plan before going to the gym is the first step towards exercise success. The next following step is to always start your workout by getting in cardiovascular exercise to get some sweat running. Treadmills, cycling, stair masters, and rowing machines are just some of the many easily accessible cardio machines and working on one for 30 minutes will complete the first stage of working up a sweat. Once you have successfully completed a cardio exercise, it is now time to work on the muscles! 

According to Jillian’s website, when you strengthen muscles you burn calories and to complete an ideal workout you should focus on weight training on a single machine for every muscle that you want to incorporate in your routine. In Jillian’s article on What Exercises Should I do at The Gym, IDEA Health and Fitness have helpful tips recommending, “Start beginning with the larger muscle groups first, such as your chest and back before exercising your smaller muscle groups such as your arms and shoulders. You may begin with one set of 10 to 12 repetitions and as your strength improves, increase to two or three sets. Your weight selection should be one that produces fatigue during your final two repetitions”. 

Lastly before leaving the gym in sweat, stretching muscles after a workout is a must to prevent sores, injury, and inflammation. Performing flexibility exercises and stretching will reduce pain and leave your body feeling satisfied for the next time going into the gym. Hopefully, this article gave more perspective on how to make time more useful and successful while working out. If you are looking for extra guidance, the option of personal training or watching Jillian Michaels app will assist you on your road to becoming ripped. Good luck and get your game face on!