Demi Lovato's Breathtaking Grammy Performance

The Grammy’s this year was full of heavy emotions, beautiful speeches, and humbling words from some of our favorite stars. One of the purest performances to grace the stage was when Demi Lovato debuted her new song “Anyone”. If you haven’t watched Lovato’s performance yet, I suggest grabbing a box of tissues and be prepared to ugly cry. Demi Lovato has always been pretty open with the public about her struggles with addiction and depression, and after a nearly fatal overdoes two years prior, her first performance back was breathtaking.

The song “Anyone”, written nearly four days before she was hospitalized is one of the most powerful, honest, and vulnerable songs I have heard within the music industry. Not only does the song touch on a powerful undertone of hopelessness and isolation, but it also contradicts the feelings she has of being a singer herself within the words. At the beginning of the performance, Lovato stumbled to get the notes out and needed to restart showing the audience something we don’t see from singers often. Standing in an all-white gown with just a piano behind her, as the camera zoomed in, you could see the tears falling down her face in a few minutes of complete raw emotion. Within the song, Lovato talks about feeling stupid when she sings, how she feels like no one is listening to her, how she feels dumb for praying, and confiding into alcohol. As the main chorus began, she moved into asking “Lord is there anyone, I need someone”, in a higher key, sending legitimate chills down my entire body. With grace and tremendous strength, the message of survival is presented as a strong main theme within the meaning behind the words. Demi Lovato ended the performance with a smile on her face and received a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd. 

Demi Lovato did something so rare and inspiring in this performance which was speaking her truth. Not only was the song a huge contributor to this but also coming out on stage after being out of the public’s eye for the first time since a near-fatal overdose like no one else has. The amount of courage and bravery Lovato has shown to the world is jaw-dropping and truly inspiring. There are songs we listen to that many of us relate with, but this performance shows the rarely captured emotions that many people experience when dealing with similar struggles at various points in their life to an absolute T. Not to mention being strong enough to keep pushing through hard times and eventually being able to show everyone what you have overcome. Overall, we are routing for Demi and are blessed to have gotten the opportunity for her to share such a powerful message with the world.