CWU Graduate Gloria Rivera - Ambitious, Smart and Beautiful

“I mean…what do you want to know about me? . . .I don’t really do anything”

Gloria Rivera; 20-year-old college graduate, public relations intern for the Seattle Sounders FC and future European back-packer.

I agree, my initial questions were broad, but I wanted to know Gloria on a deeper level. I have had class with the Puerto Rican beauty for three years, her thriving ambition, bright smile and bubbly personality have always fed my curiosity about who Gloria Rivera really is.

So yes, my questions were broad, but what do you ask someone who is perfect on paper and in person? At 4 p.m. Wednesday, I finally got to find out.

“I walked into my advisor’s office and said ‘I’m graduating in three years, what do I need to do?’”

College is a time for finding yourself, Gloria took this time to prepare herself for her future. Taking full class loads, working in the CWU gym and still having time to make life-long friends, Gloria has taken the purpose behind college and put it into over-drive. When it comes to getting things done, Gloria is your girl.

“I don’t like talking about myself. . .”

She flipped her glossy jet-black hair and smiled coyly. However, I didn’t need an answer to this question, she was surrounded by her friends and that was enough for me. I asked her friends one-by-one what they like about Gloria. The words ambitious, smart, charismatic funny and talkative were used by her friend’s multiple times. Although Gloria doesn’t enjoy talking about herself, the energy she radiates in her work ethic, friendships and job duties speak for her. Gloria has taken being a driven person to a new-level; which has allowed her to leave lasting impressions on others.

“I don’t really do anything. . .”

Running her fresh manicure through her waves, Gloria tried to downplay her greatness. 180 credits finished in 8 quarters, two internships, a hot yoga enthusiast and only a few months away from traveling to Europe; Gloria has done it all. I believe her goal-driven mentality is what we should all learn to adapt into our lifestyles. In a short time period, she has accomplished what she set out to do, giving her free-time as she pleases. I’d kill for a schedule filled with everything I’ve been planning to do.

“Good, better, best. May you never rest ‘til your good is your better and your better is your best.”

When I asked Gloria what her favorite quote was, she stated what her high school volleyball coach used to recite to them during practice. Gloria shrugged her shoulders and smiled, “It just stuck with me, I’m not sure why,” she said. In Gloria’s college career, she has showcased that her favorite quote, has influenced her way of life. She has taken her good, made it better and then made sure to always be at her best.

With her 21st birthday one week away, Gloria has showcased that reaching your goals is possible. It’s important that we all have a drive or the ambition to be better versions of ourselves. I was able to interview a young woman who I feel has morphed into her best, in the three years I have known her.

Keep in touch with Gloria and her post-grad lifestyle:  

Twitter: @2Glorious_

Instagram: @gloriarivera4