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This Could Be the Reason You May Be Feeling “Off” Lately

I was talking to a good friend earlier this week about myself feeling “off” lately. Not as much motivation to do things have become more and more irritable, and overall feel like I’m in a funk. We began to discuss different reasons for this and decided it had something to do with astrology. However, I knew that wasn’t the case and came across an exercise about achieving overall balance in your life related to self-care. Not the self-care that consists of bath bombs, tea, and face masks, but proper balance in five different essential areas of your mind and body. When we talk about taking care of ourselves, we often forget the five categories that work together to complete someone’s wellbeing and state of mind. If you’ve been feeling somewhat “off,” read into these and see which areas you may be neglecting to focus on. 

Physical Self Care

[bf_image id="q9m13p-aj9s9k-7j8y7k"] When we think of physical self-care, often, we think of eating well and exercising, which can be great ways to relieve stress and improve one’s mindset. However, Physical self-care can look different than the obvious. For instance, you are getting enough sleep, wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself, listening to what your body needs, and participating in activities you enjoy. This category of self-care can be different for everyone, but remembering that it can go beyond just moving your body is extremely important to what works for you. 

Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self-care is a category I notice changes the most among different people. Not just hinting at religion and your personal beliefs but also engaging in things that resonate with your values and needs. For instance, these can look like going out in nature, recognizing the things that bring you the most value in life, appreciating film, music, or art, and participating in things that are important to you. 

Social Self Care 

[bf_image id="h8swhg9q4wphv7v8qccp3sr"] Social self-care can make a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and our energy levels. Not only hanging out with friends but evaluating your circle and asking yourself how you feel around them. Does the time you spend with your friends make you feel good about yourself? Do they stimulate you mentally and push you towards your goals? If not, this can be an area most people forget that can impact your everyday mood and feelings toward yourself. Evaluate your circle and make sure the people you surround yourself with are improving your overall wellbeing. Another aspect of social self-care is asking for help when needed and doing activities with others you enjoy. 

Professional Self Care

Professional self-care can be challenging to define as it relates to your personal life, but making sure you are taking care of yourself, whether at work or school, is critical. Look into areas such as taking breaks during work, taking on projects that are rewarding to you, and keeping a comfortable workspace that allows you to be successful. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to your professional self-care. 

Emotional/Psychological Self Care

[bf_image id="3bkv5z3kwcqt68wgrwpkfjpp"] Finally, we have emotional and psychological self-care. This category and physical are often the ones we talk about most when genuinely taking care of ourselves. However, this can look different for everyone. Are you taking time off when needed to recharge or able to get away from distractions such as your phone? Are you able to openly talk about your problems and find the time to do something comforting, such as a movie, reading, or listening to music? Emotional self-care can look different for everyone, but making sure you schedule a time to clear your head, whether taking a day trip, acknowledging your achievements, or participating in your hobbies, can remind you of what feeling grounded within yourself feels like. 

Take a look at these five categories as they work together to achieve proper balance and see which areas you may need to start focusing on!  


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