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Beyoncé Slayed Netflix’s Documentary Homecoming; Here’s How:

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

For those who haven’t heard Beyoncé dropped her live album documentary on Netflix Homecoming April 17th. The whole 2 hours and 17 minutes of it had my mouth dropped from seeing Beyoncé’s artistry come to life and the love that she has for her music and black culture.

Throughout the documentary, it takes you through every moment on how Beyoncé saw her vision and what she wanted Coachella to witness not only performance but a movement. #Beychella quickly started trending after her performance with her group of amazing people helping her step by step come to where she is now.

I thought it was incredible seeing her practice with her team and create Homecoming to be something that everyone will remember. The documentary showed Beyoncé not only as an artist but balancing her life as being a mother, and bouncing back from having twins and getting back to work to make this Coachella experience something no one will ever be forgotten.

If you haven’t watched the live album you need too. It’s so raw and beautiful to see what visions Beyoncé has and what she believes in and how she shows it through her Coachella experience. Beyoncé slayed like always and made a huge statement and impact to world through Homecoming.



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