Another Reason To Love "Legally Blonde" (As If You Needed One)

Legally Blonde promoted the idea that pretty girls are more than just a pretty face. From the quirky blondes like Paulette and Margot and the fierce brunettes like Serina and Vivien; there were plenty of people backing up Elle and pushing her to her full potential, whether she knew it or not. Proving that behind every Boss Babe, is an army of even more boss babes.

But what really set Elle Woods apart from the rest was her less than classic Hollywood makeover. We all remember watching teenie bopper films like She’s All that, Clueless and of course The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and their highly anticipated makeover scene. We live for it. To watch the ugly duckling turn into a swan, to get the guy, to win Prom Queen or to perform as 15 year-old international popstar. But in Elle’s case, she already had the looks down.

In Legally Blonde, the makeover scene isn’t merely a couple of highlights and a new sweater/mini skirt combo. She. Buys. A. Laptop. Elle admits to herself that the hard part isn't over, maybe she got into Harvard but she had to be focused and consistent to stay there. She decides that getting Warner is not the goal and getting ahead was.


What we really learned was that appearance wasn’t everything. Having blonde hair and big boobs doesn’t make you an airhead and being a 3rd generation senator doesn’t mean you have to marry “a Jackie.” Where you come from or what you look like will not help you obtain your goals, how hard you work and believing in yourself does.

Elle gave us someone to look up to and gave some perspective on what really matters. Boys are cool, but have you ever been the valedictorian of the class of 2004? Remember that every movie worthy makeover does not have to be a new wardrobe. Setting goals and going for them is always Oscar worthy.