Alternatives to Your Favorite Sweet Treats

I have been striving to have healthier eating habits and have recently been making progress towards this goal. My biggest setback is that I have the biggest sweet tooth and can eat sweets all day every day, but you can’t exactly do that and try to lose weight at the same time. Below are a few recipes that I have tried and loved and some that I have yet to try, but I am hoping to very soon!

brownies Photo by iMattSmart from Unsplash These Chocolate Chip Cookies are amazing! I am a big fan of homemade nestle cookies and of course, these cookies don’t completely compare, but I can tell you that you’ll feel better after you eat these! I've recommended this recipe to a lot of my friends and so far its been nothing but positive reviews!

Now these Brownies I could eat any day of the week. They have just enough sweetness that it isn’t extremely overpowering but it also isn’t bitter. It's a great alternative to the usual brownie recipes!

baking ingredients Photo by Calum Lewis from Unsplash

This Coffee Cake recipe is paleo-friendly! 

Here's a healthy alternative to edible Cookie Dough and it will not lead to a stomach ache afterwards! 

I recommend checking out this Chocolate Cake & Frosting recipe that you will not feel guilty after eating!

These Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies will put some comfort into your body!

There are so many other recipes out there that are meant to give you healthy alternatives to your normal sweet treats, but these are the ones that I have personally loved and plan to continue using. I hope you try out these recipes or use them to explore others that you love. Share them with those around you! Here is to a healthy 2021!