#AerieReal Role Models Are Empowering Woman Through Their New Campaign: Here’s How

When you see models on different shopping websites you sort of get down on yourself. Everyone has different bodies and shopping online seems impossible for some people. When I see a high-end model posing for Abercrombie for example, I immediately think “Wow, what I would give to look like that in those jeans”. I have a curvy body and seeing all these models have perfectly toned bodies makes me feel like I can’t wear certain clothes because it won’t look the same on me. That was until Aerie started the #AerieReal Role Model campaign by bringing in every kind of woman and explaining their “real power” is being themselves and loving who they are.

When the campaign first dropped I started following one of their models, Iskra, because she had a similar body like mine. Iskra has changed the modeling industry by including women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to be accepted.


Every single one of Aeries Real Role Models can touch someone differently with their campaign. The 8 strong women are Breanna Huckaby, a Paralympic Medalist. Busy Phillips, an Actress and Author. Jameela Jamil, an Actress and Activist. Cleo Wade, an Artist/Poet. Aly Raisman, a Gold Medal Gymnast. Samira Wiley, an Actress and Activist. Molly Burke, a YouTuber and Motivational Speaker, and Iskra, a Body Positivity Activist.

Each of girls “super power” defines who they are. It’s not about how you look in an outfit it’s how you feel in one, and that’s what Aerie is trying to conquer with these 8 beautiful women. Aerie is standing up and showing us that every kind of woman is beautiful.

I love supporting this campaign, I think that many companies are now starting to expand sizes, and shapes of all kinds of women in their clothing lines. It makes me happy to see women who have similar body shapes, like me, being shown to the world that every size is beautiful.