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5 Signs You’re in the Right Major


College is a great experience for most people. You will gain new friends, experiences, knowledge, and hopefully by the end; a career. In order to get to that career or dream that inspires you, you need to choose the right major that suits you! Once you have declared your major you may ask yourself if you made the right choice. Here are some key signs as to whether you chose the right major for you!

1) You’re Classes are Actually Interesting

We have all been through those years of gen- eds and though some might be interesting, others are grueling. Once you have found your niche, most of the other major classes to follow you will find interesting. You can picture yourself using the practices from the classroom to an actual career after graduation.

2) You get Good Grades in All of your Major Classes

Once you have found what interests you, it is easy for you to stay caught up on your work because you actually enjoy these classes and what comes with them.

3) You are Not Scared to Speak Up in your Class

Speaking from experience, I am usually not one to speak up or share in classes. Once I started my classes for my major, I was not afraid to speak up because I actually felt like I had something to contribute.

4) It Evaluates Your Beliefs and Moral, but Also Challenges You

Choosing a major if a difficult task, but once you find what you are interested in it should reflect who you are as a person. Once you find what suits you, it will not always come easy. You need to work for what you want to get out of your major and continue to work for your career once you graduate. 

5) Ultimately, You are Happy!

The most important thing about choosing the right major is that you are genuinely happy. You should not worry about what other people think or about how much you will be making. I know that this sounds cliche, but it is ultimately about what makes you happy.

I hope that each and every one of you find your niche, calling, job, career, and path in life. And I hope when you find it, it makes you happy.

Her Campus CWU wishes you all a great Spring Break. See you next quarter.



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