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How to survive after getting lost on the Metro

It was a normal Wednesday, I was going to the metro to return home after a long and tiring day at my internship. My internship is outside of D.C., so to make it home I must transfer lines. I get on the platform and I see that a could take the blue line, I normally take the silver line back but they both stop in downtown D.C. where I need to get off. I’m a little nervous because this is a new line for me but I’m like “all points lead to downtown”.

I get on, I see its making the normal stops as the silver line and I am telling myself “ Oh alright, I’m going to vibe out until I get to my stop because I am going the right way”. Time goes on and I hear the metro announcer “ this stop is: foggy bottom”. I snap back into reality, Foggy Bottom!!!! I completely missed my stopped, I quickly got all my things and hopped out of the train. The blue line stops at Northern Virginia, I had to get off at this point before it was too late. Here I am, all frantic outside of the Foggy Bottom station. Luckily its still Downtown DC its just not where I wanted to be. Mind you its freezing cold and I didn’t’t bring my gloves. I had two options: read the signs at the metro and figure everything out to get home or call an Uber pool. Guess what I did? Called the Uber and I had it take me to the Macy’s downtown so I can do a little retail therapy to take the edge off ( I also wanted to use my gift card I got for Christmas).

The moral of the story is: I made it home safely and on the plus side I got brand new Bobbi Brown Foundation. I’m telling this story because its so common to miss a stop or get lost on the metro. If this happens to you: 1. Just breathe, because being panicky is not going to make you get home any quicker. 2. There are so many people who work for the metro will help assist you find your way back home. 3. There are plenty of maps of each of the lines that will help you to where you need to be. 3. Lastly, if its too much and you really cannot figure it out call either one of my two good friends Uber and Lyft. Because depending on where you are the amount you pay for the metro for your destination is the same price with Uber or Lyft.

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