Goodbye Marvin

By now, everyone at CUA has heard the bad news. Marvin from Starbucks no longer works in the Pryz. If you did not know that already, then I am sorry to be the one to tell you this sad news. Anyways, do not fear! He is working at Gallaudet University and one can still find him at San Anns drinking a beer at the bar. It has always been a goal of mine to write an article about Marvin for HC and thankfully I was able to fulfill that goal. Last week Abby and I met up with Marvin for some Mega Margs and Nachos (yum!)

Name: Marvin Feggins aka Marvin from Starbucks

Age: 29

Hometown: Washington DC

Spirit animal: bald eagle, rare as ****. You can't kill me or you're gonna go to jail.

Fun fact: I went to China for a month and a half. 

Pet peeve: People who have no respect or morals.

Languages: Sign Language and of course English.

Dream job: The best ASL/Sign Language Interpreter dealing with medical interpreting to hip hop concert interpreting. I think that would be awesome.

What was it like having two deaf parents?: Growing up it was normal for me until I got older and really saw how my parents struggled to raise us. Us as kids we never realized it but now that my brother, sister and myself are older, we try to be involved in the deaf community as much as possible to relate and show support anyway possible. Other that that it was a great childhood.

Why did you come to CUA?: It was a good opportunity to learn more about Food and Retail services and expand my knowledge in both areas. 

What is your favorite thing about working at CUA?: I love the students. All the students are very friendly and fun it's never a dull moment working there It's always a great atmosphere.

What is your least favorite thing?: Working late nights and long hours besides that everything was gucci!

What are your thoughts on St Patrick's day at CUA?: St Patty's day at CUA is off the chain. Everyone is in the "spirit" and having a good time. But if you work in food services it was a hassle to deal with all the intoxicated students and the mess they would make in the SR. (Oops!)

What will you miss the most about CUA?: I'll miss the students the most. Because most of the students have a connection with me where they can come and talk to me about anything and I would try my best to help or motivate them in any way possible.

Who are your favorite CUA students?: Roisin, Abby, and Andrea of course!  

CUA will not be the same without you Marvin that's for sure. Thanks for being there for me (and everyone else) no matter the situation. See you soon at San Anns!