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Why do you make things so difficult? I think you guys mean well but you really don’t think things through. You make the simplest situations difficult for yourselves and wonder why you don’t hear from that girl again. Prime example, I wont get into too much detail( because this is the internet duh) but I was talking to a guy and he said he wanted to hangout on a certain day. Cool. As the day comes, he tells me that he has a prior engagement and I’m “ that’s cool, I totally get it lets do it tomorrow.” Ladies, LISTEN TO YOUR INUTIUITON BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS RIGHT! The day comes along I’n not stressing, I send him a text asking him what the deal was for today. He told me he would text me later. The evening comes along and by a smooth 10:30, I was showered, moisturized in coconut oil, just had receive my Pizza Boli wings and started season 2 of The Office. He texts me later saying he can come to see me it will be late. I told him save him the gas money and it is not that big of a deal. Because it really wasn’t. he easily could’ve just told me “ hey, since I’m away for this prior engagement I have to go to its probably best I stay back and we hang out next week”. But no, he didn’t do that. This is what I mean, something so simple but made it hard for yourself. Now, he is not cancelled because it really isn’t that serious. But every girl is not like me, so fellas this is just a reminder: Don’t make it hard for yourself. Go with your gut. Don’t make false promises. Because us ladies we don’t like guys who don’t follow through with what they are saying. I’m just here trying to help you get the girl you want!!! Thank me later!!

A Baltimore girl who is exploring all of what DC has to offer. A lover of food and all things relating to Beyonce.
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