You Don't Have to be Good at Being Alone

Guided meditation apps and movies about the single experience have profited off of this idea that you need to make the most of your time alone. This is the time where you’re supposed to really find yourself, journal, find out why you're alone so you can fix it and not be alone any longer. We have been conditioned to be so unsatisfied with our own company, that we feel pressured when we’re alone to enjoy it and to do all of this inner-work that we won’t be able to do when we are around other people.

Silhouette of woman doing yoga at sunset Photo by Kike Vega from Unsplash Finding out who you are, journaling, and meditation are all great, but being alone can be really difficult, and you shouldn't feel like you need to do all of that when you aren’t around people. Back in March, we all had to learn how to be alone in one way or another. We were separated from our families, friends, and for a lot of us, we hadn’t experienced being alone for that long. I for one found out that I’m terrible at being alone! 

three women posing Photo by Omar Lopez from Unsplash I am the type of person that feeds off of other people’s energy, and I like to be around a few close friends whenever I can. A lot of who I am and how I see myself has come from interacting with other people. When I’m alone, at times, it can be overwhelming to sit with my thoughts. To a lot of people, being alone can be very lonely. When you feel that way it is hard to do anything, let alone do some major inner-work. 

three girls during golden hour Photo by Simon Maage from Unsplash To crave connection is a beautiful thing. Being alone is difficult for a lot of us, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for not getting everything done while you’re away from the people that make you feel comfortable. Take it one day at a time, you’ll be okay.