Why I Joined Her Campus and Why You Should Too!

Why I joined Her Campus and Why You Should Too!

I joined Her Campus last fall after talking to our chapter president Lauren during an interview for the CU Pink Campus Team. At that time, I was new to CU and was looking for ways to get involved but not be overloaded. So I went to the info meeting and signed my booty up for what is now my favorite girl gang in all of Boulder.

I really liked the idea of blogging and sharing my experiences with others. I was really nervous at first, thinking who will even read this and will people even like what I have to say? Well girls, here's a secret. It took me at least a month and a half to publish my first article, and I only got a few views which included my mom and her top Facebook friends. But hey, there is nothing wrong with that. I mean I was still getting views, and people were interacting with my articles. Soon my views jumped from maybe 20 to 70 to even 100+ it was really cool to see something I had written viewed by so many people. Being a part of Her Campus has given me more confidence about my writing and a way for me to be creative. It has also given me a way to share my interests with others.

Another amazing thing about Her Campus is that I’ve met an amazing group of girls who are constantly there for support and to be your hype girls whenever you need them. My favorite times are meetings because you get to see everyone. During this time, we talk about important things, but we also talk about our lives and boys and how stressed we are about school and life throughout the meeting. All of these girls are incredible resources for content ideas, life advice, and outfit inspiration. For literally anything you need, someone in this amazing group can help you out.

Joining Her Campus was a choice I will always be glad I made. Being a part of this kick-butt girl gang and building relationships I know I will keep for a very long time is something amazing to have throughout college. I encourage you to take the jump and join Her Campus, even if you’ve never thought of writing a blog post or think nobody will read it. You won’t regret it.

Go check us out on Instagram @hercampuscuboulder to find out how to get involved!

We would love to have you be part of our girl gang!