TikTok is the New Vine

The wait is finally over. After seven long years, Vine is back, and better than ever. Your favorite Viners are ready to create some good content, but this time, on Tik Tok.

Vine blew up as soon as it hit the internet. Viewers would spend hours scrolling through their feeds, watching hilarious videos to entertain themselves. In 2017, the owners of Twitter, who also owned Vine, shut down the app because it was not making enough money. 

However, not all hope was lost. Vine videos could still be seen on Twitter feeds, therefore, the app was no longer needed.

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Many people, including myself, were destroyed when the termination of Vine happened. For years now, rumors have been spread about Vine 2 coming out, but they were only that, rumors. 

It was not until I found my little sister scrolling through her TikTok feed last year that I had hope that an app like Vine would make a comeback. 

TikTok started off with some middle schoolers making interesting video collages on the platform, just as my eighth-grade year old sister loved to. As the year progressed, the app started to attract attention from the old Viners we all loved and missed so dearly.


Famous Viners, like David Dobrik and King Bach, have recently become active on TikTok and are consistently creating new content. However, both Dobrik and King Bach have had TikTok accounts since 2015. In one of the videos, Dobrik even had braces.


Despite the age of his account, Dobrik didn't become active on the platform until now, creating trending content on the app similar to his Vines. He went from 104.4K followers in 2015, to 1.4M in present day.



Tik Tok isn't just for internet influencers. There are a ton of celebrities on TikTok as well, including Mariah CareyBob Saget and Justin Bieber. The platform allows fans and viewers to keep up with their favorite celebrities and get an insight into their personal lives. For example, Miley Cyrus often makes videos with her boyfriend, Cody Simpson.

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I found myself scrolling through TikTok's #foryou, which is the name of their main feed, and was still there two hours later being sucked into its black hole. It is just as addicting as Vine. It is entirely possible we got our Vine 2 in the form of Tik Tok.