Sunny Co Clothing- Attack of the Red Swimsuit

Hi, HerCampus! Still confused about why you saw that red swimsuit all over Instagram and Twitter yesterday? We’ve got you covered! Here are the deets!!


Meet Alan Alchalel and Brady Silverwood, the “Sunny Boys.” They are personally responsible for the red swimsuit flooding your Instagram account. They are seniors at the University of Arizona studying business. The two best friends started the California-based company called Sunny Co Clothing with a strong philanthropic vision.



WHAT: If you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed today you are probably familiar with Sunny Co Clothing’s “Pamela Sunny Suit.”


WHEN: May 2nd. 24 hours. Ended at 3 pm MST. They sold out around 4:30 MST. And when we checked their website last night, we found out they sold out of all of their swimsuits.




A FREE Pamela Sunny Suit with the exception of paying for the shipping and handling. Plus, $1 of the proceeds go to The Alzheimer's foundation!



Sunny Co Clothing Instagrammed a post stating that with a re-post and a tagged picture, you could receive the code for the free Pamela Sunny Suit.


Where: Instagram at first but, it didn’t stop Twitter from joining in…


We’re excited to find out if this cute suit was a scam or #worthit!! Laine Raish, a member of our HerCampus Team, ordered the swimsuit in black for free, minutes before it sold out so we’ll let you know once it arrives on her porch (or not)!!



As of May 5th the Sunny CO Clothing Instagram was offically deemed "hacked"

An email was sent out to all who placed a sucessful order, this is what it says


You're gonna do your best? Okay Brady,

XOXO, broke college girls all over the world