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Spiritual Baddie? Here Are Five Self-Care Essentials For You

It’s almost that time, Fall has come into swing officially as of the 20th. The countdown to Halloween is upon us. Despite it being one of the greatest times of the year, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed as classes and other responsibilities accumulate over time. 

With this in mind, here’s some spiritual self care activities to get into the spirit of fall. The following can be applied in numerous ways, but I’ll admit I’m a whore for fall festivities . So let’s get into it! 

At the top of our list we have: 

– The Bangers:  

If you were not aware of this already, music can have a heavy influence on one’s mood and vibrations. For my spiritual baddies out there, I know you know the specific songs that instantly raise your self-esteem.. In the case you don’t, Spotify has a variety of playlists that can fit your taste. I will also Hyperlink a playlist of my own mood lifting songs that raise my vibrations in the spirit of Fall. (here)We all know that there are some key fall songs, especially with Halloween right around the corner.

– Crisp Fresh Air:

Yes, I am aware that breathing in fresh air is a typical recommendation for when one is stressed. But I am going to ask a bit more of you. I know, I know, how dare I ask you to go outside. Hear me out. Throw on that favorite hoodie, long sleeved shirt, or whatever your preference is, and go take a stroll in your neighborhood or preferred scenery. I know a lot of us have little time to spare, but it will be a nice break from the overwhelming stress to go use those beautiful muscles in the chilly air. You might be surprised, maybe you’ll run into a friendly dog or cat. Please feel free to make contact or search out for nature’s energy.

– Light that sh*t up:

I am talking about candles here, but if those words mean something else in the case where it is only legal to do so when one reaches a certain age, go for it. On that topic, add some rose petals, lavender, and mugwort to that specific plant to give yourself an extra boost of intention. Now, back to the candles. Light up a candle and take a second to release the stress you have currently in your shoulders. Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw and watch the flame carelessly dance. This could also be a time to cleanse that room, bestie. There’s a lot of emotions and heavy energy in your room.

– The Consultant :

For my tarot readers out, grab that deck. In the case of being stressed, consult Spirit to see what can help you at the moment or whatever your preferred question is. This may give you the insight you need. Otherwise, pull a card to give yourself insight on how your day or current situation will go. I personally love being called out by the cards, but if it’s not for you, the following are some other options. 

– Meditate, you Bad B*tch:

Whatever method you choose, go and release the tension that is being currently held prisoner in your body and mind. Watch a candle, meditate under the stars/ sun, meditate in your room if it’s comfy. Meditate with your favorite tunes playing in the background. And while you’re doing this, bring your damn crystals out. When was the last time you charged them huh? Yes, I’m calling you out. But, don’t worry, I’m guilty of this. Go soak up some sunshine along with moonlight if you gravitate towards that energy more. One more thing to add, do your research to ensure that the particular crystals you have are safe for that kind of cleansing! 

In other words, I know how hard it can be to find motivation when one is super stressed. You don’t have to be necessarily spiritual to do these activities, this can apply to whoever needs to see this reminder: Don’t forget that you’re a bad b*tch. We all struggle sometimes, which is okay, but you need to still take care of yourself. We all have a support system around us. This can be yourself, your interests, or fellow peers (I know it may not seem like it sometimes). On that note, go enjoy the fall season and the joy that comes with it!

Katie Jacobson

CU Boulder '23

Katie is a junior at the University of Colorado- Boulder. She is currently studying in the Classics department along with minoring in Anthropology and Creative Writing. Her hometown is Laguna Niguel, California. In her free time, you can find her discovering new music, reading, or grabbing a bagel from the Hill.
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