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POPSUGAR Fitness: The Fitness App YOU Need to Know About

Being a college student can get very tiresome. There are classes, extracurricular activities, jobs, internships, and everything else in between. Sometimes, to get everything done in a day requires extra hours in the day, which takes away hours of the day that could for sleeping, self-care, and possibly healthy eating. A lot of the time, at least in my case, working out tends to be more of a last resort in the back of my mind. When I was traveling with my mom overseas, I was trying to figure out how best to enjoy my summer travels while not having to worry about gaining weight when I returned from my travels.

Not sure what to do, I figured that I’d Google workouts that I would be able to do in the hotel room. It was trial and error to figure out what kind of exercises were a good match for me. I tried different fitness app subscriptions on YouTube. I even tried the Instagram advertised workout apps to see if possibly that could work for me. I also looked through Facebook and Twitter to look at fitness and health accounts to see if maybe there were fitness tips and exercises from people that I knew and admired to see how they were able to achieve their dream bodies. Nothing was working. None of these countless workouts that I did made me feel confident. At my last straw with this whole hotel workout situation, I YouTube searched "Yoga Sculpt." I wanted a vigorous yoga workout because keep in mind still, I was in a hotel room and couldn’t do a lot of loud and noisy movements. I know that yoga is usually just done on a mat. Having done so many workouts prior, I clicked on a video that I hadn’t seen before. The name of the fitness program was called POPSUGAR Fitness. After doing this workout, I felt rejuvenated, fulfilled, and happy. I finally found my fitness calling.​ POPSUGAR Website

POPSUGAR is an online magazine that features fitness, celebrity news, fashion, beauty, family, living, culture, food, and more. They have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. This online magazine is a top-rated source on social media that gives tips and tricks on how to live your best life.

Boston Magazine

POPSUGAR Fitness Youtube Channel

Anna Renderer is the fitness host for POPSUGAR Fitness. When she’s not hosting her workouts, she’s helping to facilitate other workouts that are part of the POPSUGAR fitness program.

POPSUGAR Fitness Youtube Channel

POPSUGAR YouTube Channel

I first found out about POPSUGAR Fitness through their YouTube channel. On their YouTube channel, there was a variety of fitness levels and different types of workouts that were available such as HIIT, Tabata, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Body Sculpt, Boot Camp Training, Boxing, Strength Training and Zumba workouts. What I Iove about the fitness channel is that there are so many videos to choose from so you’ll never get bored. From the most beginning workouts to the most advanced workouts, I always end the workouts breaking a sweat and toning my muscles.  ​POPSUGAR Website 

With so many videos to choose from, it took me a month to finish all of the POPSUGAR YouTube videos. I was super scared that because I had every video on the YouTube channel, there would be nothing left for me. I wound up repeating every video that appeared on the fitness channel. Getting bored of the same repetitious workouts, I then again searched fitness workouts into Google. All it did was lead me to the same fitness apps that I had already tried pre POPSUGAR fitness. Then, I had the idea to go into the Apple App Store and type in POPSUGAR. The first app that appeared on the App Store was POPSUGAR Fitness. Oh. My. Gosh. I was so happy to find out that there was a POPSUGAR fitness app. ​

POPSUGAR Fitness App

There were so many more workouts added onto the POPSUGAR fitness app than I could have ever imagined. I felt like I was in fitness royalty when I was able to do a free workout class from Hollywood trainers who train celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Levato, Selena Gomez, Pink, Alicia Keys and many more. Those celebrities have some incredible bodies, might I add, so I knew that I was going to get into the best shape of my life by using these workout videos. Another bonus to this fitness app was that there are Victoria Secret Angel workouts posted on the app as well. I knew if I kept up with these workouts that I would have the best body that I would ever have in my entire life. I think it's crazy and amazing to say that I can do a workout from a celebrity trainer and exercise like an angel all in the same week.

POPSUGAR Fitness App​

POPSUGAR Fitness App

One of the many perks of using the POPSUGAR fitness app is that it’s a free subscription app, which means there is no monthly payment. I know out there that there are a lot of fitness apps with monthly subscriptions. Not this one! All you need is a good WIFI connection. The POPSUGAR fitness app is available for your computer, iPad, and iPhone. You can do these workout videos at the gym, in your home o, even overseas as long as you have the app. Also, depending on your schedule, there are workouts on the app that range from five minutes to an hour.                   


Some added information that you need to know about this app is that as of February 20th, 2020, the POPSUGAR Fitness app will be discontinued. Even though the app will stop as of next year, you will be able to see the workouts on the fitness website.  All of the fitness workouts will be posted on the Glow by POPSUGAR Website. All you will have to do is put in your email address, and you will receive your free POPSUGAR Active subscription.


POPSUGAR Fitness App

Ever since this fitness app has come into my life, it has changed my life. I am so happy that I use this app to work out in my day-to-day routine. I don’t know what I’d do without this app. It has made it easier to take care of myself. I love that I can incorporate working out into my day-to-day routine. I have never felt better and looked better than I do now. I hope you check out this fantastic app and feel the same way I do about it!

Alexandra Carlson

CU Boulder '20

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