Playlist Revival: Eerie Season

An article for people on the hunt for new songs to get a break from the same 10 you listen to on repeat every day...

Five songs, diverse artists, differing moods. Lets go:

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        Halloween and eerie weather aren’t the only reasons this is the spookiest time of the year. There is one more aspect of the chilly October month that brings dread and evokes fear in most college students:


        In the midst of a pressing semester, you come to find the little things make the biggest difference.  Little things like a hot cup of tea, fuzzy socks, or a perfect playlist can bring some light into the dark days.  

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          This month I have found Lo-fi Hip-hop to be A BLESSING from heaven and have chosen 10 songs to share with you that not only improve focus, but set the mood for an eerie and chilly October day.

1.     .clouded- Chill Children, junyii

2.     No.Milk- Snaer.

3.     thats right- Smuv

4.     glowing- Smuv

5.     Existence- Cold

6.     Snug- Aso

7.     Alone by Your Side- j’san

8.     when the leaves come falling down- j’san

9.     Like You- Howiewonder

10.  i’m in love with u, sorry- j’san

         I recall listening to these songs last week as the snow fell softly outside and feeling so at peace and focused on my studies. All of these can be found on Spotify.

         Pro-tip: Add these 10 tracks to a playlist and hit shuffle. Once these songs are done playing, more like it will automatically start playing from the playlist radio. And boom. Hours of calming, eerie, study music.

Image Credit: @euinoxl

Good luck and kick butt on midterms *insert flexing emoji here*